A Loving Relationship by Development of the Self and Social Environment

July 5, 2020
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What happened? You may answer that you don’t know. This is often the reply you hear in many relationships. Humans are such a part of so many relationships; yet there is so little time spends on considering the outcome of what makes a relationship work.

Everyday we face people that will affect our well being. This could be your husband or wife; parents or children; sons or daughters. Humans treat these relationships with a carefree sense of casualness. People ignore the fact that these people have an affect on your life. They can bring you joy, laughter, despair, or tears. These same figures are also found in working with neighbors, coworkers and your friends. Everyone is so sure that his or her relationship will work out. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Most people have never felt the desire to examine or explore what they are feeling. It is essential that this be done. Your relationship influences your mental health and the society that your friends, family and lovers belong too.

Often when in a relationship, you may be asked, ” Are you happy in this relationship?” The common answer often heard is, “I guess so.” It is very sad that an unrehearsed “yes” can’t be given. Many answers might be given when asked that question. It makes you wonder if they would jump off a boat, knowing they couldn’t swim. Even now there are people in relationships that aren’t happy. It’s just an unrewarding relationship that should be otherwise.

People should stop and think in order to form a nourished relationship it requires interactive behavior with positive and long lasting meaning. It is often found very difficult to put into words, the thoughts one may experience in a relationship. In the same frame of speaking, it is interesting how easy humans put off the challenging concepts of love in a relationship that requires no serious thought.

A loving relationship should be a choice in partnership. This is true even if there is imperfection in the relationship.

Individuals should trust one another and become secure that no one else won’t take advantage of them.

Being open and honest is desired in a loving relationship. Knowing that no matter the situation, you will always be there for the other.

Receiving your partner as a whole and being able to receive the same acceptance is required in a healthy relationship.

One should put away the selfishness and open the lines of communication to where the good is found and maximized and the bad is minimized for both partners.

A loving relationship is one build on trust and acceptance. This allows for warm and tender feelings of contentment. Support and strength can be drawn from this relationship.

No one should consider a healthy relationship by the time they are together, only by the quality of caring. This is where one can explore their fears and joys without a fear of rejection or condemnation. In other words you can relax and be comfortable and gain strength to encounter any battle headed your way.

It is very obvious that a loving relationship is defined in your mind and agreed upon as individuals before entering into the relationship. Commitment and trust may be all that one desires for a relationship to form. It is always essential to think of what it means before you ask someone to come into your life.

One should always remember that a loving relationship is one that both parties feel loved and accepted. They should be able to share dreams, failures, successes, and their innermost feelings together. A relationship is a give and take interaction that allows room for nurture and growth. Let your relationship be one that you can celebrate and know another’s soul and heart.