The Five Best Ways to Meet Handsome Older Men

June 20, 2022
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If you’re looking to meet the love of your life, the best place to start your search may be in venues frequented by older men. These beautiful and experienced gentlemen tend to have settled into their career and relationship goals, which can lead to more understanding and stability than you might find in younger men or even middle-aged men who haven’t yet made up their minds about what they want out of life. If you want to meet handsome older men who will give you exactly what you want out of life, these are the five best ways to do it!

Work on your career

Having a backup plan can make all of your dreams more attainable. When you’re looking for an older man, remember that maturity is just as attractive as any other trait—if not more so. If you’re currently single and looking for a companion, do something to work on your career: Go back to school, pick up a language or otherwise brush up on skills that will be relevant in your professional life. No matter how smart or talented someone is, no one wants to date someone who does nothing with their time. Finding love later in life isn’t impossible; it just takes a little effort and long-term thinking from both parties involved.

Get out of your home town

If you want to meet older men, your best bet is to put yourself in environments where they congregate. This means moving out of your hometown and finding a city where attractive, established professionals live and play. Try living near a university or near a major employment center. Another way to up your odds of meeting older men is by joining social clubs like book clubs or wine tasting groups. Or set up some informal gatherings with friends in parks or coffee shops. It’s not that older men don’t visit these places (they do), but you’ll dramatically increase your chances of meeting one if you’re there every weekend (or at least once a month). Also make sure you’re dressed nicely and exuding confidence–it’s important that everyone thinks you’re interesting!


A sense of altruism is attractive in anyone. And as a volunteer, you’ll be doing something selfless for those around you—all while getting out there and learning about your passions (which are two great qualities in a partner). Plus, volunteering will teach you skills that may come in handy when it comes time to lead a company or make an impact with your own social project. Why not learn more about public speaking through teaching English? No matter what your passion is, volunteering will help you connect with like-minded people who have similar interests. Keep your eyes open: There are tons of sites online where older men (and women) sign up to volunteer their time and expertise.

Join groups with common interests

This one is as simple as it gets. If you’re in your 20s, join a running club or attend a tech meetup. Don’t worry about whether you fit in; just give it a shot and network with everyone else who attended. You might make friends right away, and if not, you’ll have an opportunity to meet some awesome people while working out together.

Try online dating

Yes, even if you’re under 30 and it seems creepy, go ahead and sign up for an online dating site. These days it’s almost considered a rite of passage. Dating sites like OKCupid, PlentyOfFish and Tinder (full disclosure: I met my husband on Tinder) help you meet people with similar interests or values—which is important for finding long-term love. You never know who might become your soul mate! And besides, even if you don’t find the one on a dating site, you might make new friends or meet interesting people to go out with for a few months or years. That can definitely be worth it too!