Second Date Rules to Guarantee You Get a Third

June 15, 2022
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The first date can be a bit nerve-wracking, since you’re still getting to know the other person and need to make sure you impress them enough that they want to see you again. The second date is an opportunity to take the relationship to the next level, and in order to guarantee that third date (and beyond), you’ll need some solid second date questions up your sleeve. Here are some great questions and topics to discuss with someone on your second date that will hopefully lead to another one!

Be Yourself

It’s important not to play too hard or fast with someone on a first date. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to get comfortable in conversation and possibly set up a second date. This is your chance to start dating your new friend and find out if there’s chemistry—rather than trying too hard right away. If you can have a calm, natural time with minimal flirting then it will be easier for her or him to see you at your best. So go easy on each other; taking things slowly will lead towards getting another go-around!

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

In order to be your most confident self on a date, it helps to wear something that makes you feel good. This doesn’t mean dressing like you’re ready for a red carpet appearance—just something that fits well and looks good on you. We don’t typically think of clothing as being part of our confidence equation but when we look good, we feel good, which can make all the difference in how our date plays out. If there’s one thing we could impart in our pursuit of happiness and love, it’s that feeling comfortable in your own skin is paramount.

Hold Hands

Start things off with a hand-hold and go from there. If you let your hands get cold or clammy, don’t wipe them on your pants—use some hand lotion! It’s not necessary to reapply during dinner, but it will make you feel more confident. When holding hands is no longer acceptable, don’t wait for an excuse (I need my other hand free to eat…) or think up reasons why you shouldn’t hold her hand, just look at her when she looks at you and ask if she wants to walk together. She might put her hand in yours so take that as an invitation!

Look Him in the Eyes

As odd as it sounds, men tend to shy away from women who won’t look them in the eye. There are many reasons for this but one of them is because he feels you’re not being fully honest with him. If he can’t see your eyes, he may assume you’re hiding something or simply trying to hide who you really are. Avoiding his gaze can also make him feel uncomfortable and push him away from wanting to know more about you. Instead, look into his eyes when you’re talking and be sure that your body language matches what you say and that there isn’t anything deceitful about how you act around him—or else, trust me, things will quickly fall apart between you two!

Have Fun

Whether you’re worried about being boring or nervous that your date is bored, remember that having fun is one of your top priorities. If you can be yourself and enjoy yourself, your date will follow suit. Sometimes that means slowing down, putting your phone away (don’t be afraid to excuse yourself if it rings!) and paying attention – really paying attention – to what’s going on around you. And try not to fixate on whether or not you two are talking enough; how much talking should go on depends entirely on your personalities and vibe.

Flirt (But Don’t Cross the Line!)

Flirting is an art, but it’s also crucial. If you aren’t ready to jump into something serious, flirting is how you get your foot in the door. Flirting is how you make someone smile, laugh and feel good about themselves – that makes them want to keep talking to you and wanting more of your time. But if we’re going for second or third dates, then flirting needs boundaries. When it comes to flirting and dating on a first date, there are some lines we should not cross—because those lines show our date that we don’t respect him or her enough for us not to treat them like a sex object or try and lure them away from their current relationship with someone else.

Touch Him! But Do it Right!

For many men, physical touch is often highly significant. Whether you’re just getting acquainted or are on your first date, it’s important that you can read his body language and know how to respond in ways that make him feel more comfortable and at ease. If he seems happy and turned on by your touch, then great! But if not—or if he doesn’t seem to react at all—there are certain rules of thumb you should follow when deciding whether or not touching him is appropriate: * If it was initiated by him: Unless he makes an effort to politely inform you he does not want any physical contact during your date, feel free to take his lead and move in close. It’s good manners.

Know When to Let Go of His Hand (Or Not!)

Whether you’re on your first or 10th date, you want to avoid holding his hand or giving him too much of your body. The exception: If it’s cold outside and he offers his coat. Then feel free to snuggle into him — just make sure that you don’t invade his personal space. Nothing kills romance like an invasion of personal space (or bad breath).