I Have a Boyfriend – What Does it Really Mean?

June 17, 2022
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She says she has a boyfriend and you’re like Oh, OK but what does it really mean? Do you leave or do you stay? When she says I have a boyfriend, what’s the best way to proceed? Here are some quick tips on how to respond to I have a boyfriend if you want to go further with her!

So when exactly do you say, I have a boyfriend?

For many people, I’m seeing someone, sounds much more appealing than I have a boyfriend. It’s easier to say and less likely to give rise to an embarrassing situation. If you know that someone is just asking for your number in order to ask you out, using I’m seeing someone makes it clear that you are only interested in friendship without bringing in any unnecessary gender drama. If he continues to pursue and asks about your significant other anyway, then go ahead and say you have one—in fact it might be best if you add something like he isn’t very fond of me dating either, so there’s no confusion as to whether or not they will be competing with another guy for your affection.

Guys don’t play games. Girls are different.

Guys don’t play games. Men, on the other hand, tend to be more direct. For some reason, we’re more likely to call a spade a spade and not beat around the bush (no pun intended). So when a girl says she has a boyfriend or is in a relationship, men will hear that as We won’t ever date. In fact, though you’d never know it from watching most shows on TV today, many women wouldn’t mind going out with you. In fact (and I hate to break it to you), even if she has an SO already, there’s still room for you in her life as well… though maybe not directly in front of him!

Girls get confused when they like someone

Women are naturally wired to be with their kids and family. So when we encounter something that takes us away from that, we can get confused and fall back on old habits. A lot of girls I know like you but they say they have a boyfriend because they don’t want to lose their moral compass. However if you’re important enough to her then she will stay true and tell you who her real man is so you can help her figure out where things went wrong with him. If she still says she has a boyfriend even though she doesn’t, maybe there is someone else in your relationship who is setting those rules for her (like maybe some other guy). It could be one of your friends or relatives or maybe an ex-boyfriend.

So how should you respond?

Don’t bother. If she says I have a boyfriend, leave her alone. It’s as simple as that. Remember, if you end up dating a girl who has told you she has a boyfriend and then breaks up with her partner for you, not only are you going to be hurt when she moves on from you but also all of your mutual friends will think less of you and question your character or intelligence. You don’t want to appear like an idiot in front of everyone who knows you – so just keep that simple rule in mind: Never mess with someone who is spoken for.

What if the guy already knows?

So, you think that by saying I have a boyfriend you are going to ward off an unwanted suitor. But sometimes, people are looking for love in all the wrong places. For example, check out these guys: There’s nothing wrong with being direct and telling him that he can’t date you if he is seeing other people (you can even let him know you’re interested). If he’s totally into someone else, though, then leaving him hanging might not be as effective as giving him some space to work things out on his own. It’s time to learn about how to start dating in college without losing your friends or getting heartbroken!

Things To Do Before Saying I Have A Boyfriend

Make sure you can afford to take care of yourself: We know, we know — no one likes talking about money and that includes women. However, if you can’t afford to maintain your own life and haven’t built up an emergency fund or enough savings to cover three months of expenses, it might be time to reevaluate your financial situation before saying I have a boyfriend. If you aren’t financially independent, chances are he isn’t either and that could spell trouble in the future. When things start going south and money becomes an issue, will he find out whether his true love is willing to stand by him through thick or thin?