7 Essential Steps To Overcoming Adversity

May 22, 2020
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I might never have found happiness and success. Why? For starters, I am the child of rape, born to an unwed teenage mother on welfare. Instead, I overcame life’s obstacles of poverty, abuse and neglect. Now I’m a successful entrepreneur, author and media personality who has achieved financial freedom and independence. There are even plans to make a movie about my rags-to-riches life! Clients and audiences everyday have dubbed me “The Girl Next Door Who Made It Big! (Blessings In God).

If I was able to leave my dysfunctional life behind at the age 17 (with only a Wal-Mart paycheck in my pocket), anyone can! Come explore with me YOUR personal journey to “The Dawning of a Rich Life”:


Most people never realize what “rich” truly means. Building wealth isn’t just defined in money. It’s richness in Mind, Body and Spirit. I measure my prosperity in the number of friends, hopes, accomplishments, and feelings of safety I now have. Decide now to be really rich, never settle, empower yourself… and enduring wealth will come to you.


Only by striving for something better can I hope to be a role model for others (so far so good!). So who is my hero? God, first and foremost. But, thankfully, humanity has been blessed with others we can all emulate. Oprah Winfrey is certainly someone who has chosen to overcome adversity in her life. Have you thought about the difference this one woman is making? She continues to inspire me to keep reaching.


Never stop finding new information and new viewpoints. Many books have greatly influenced me in positive ways. And you needn’t be an author or journalist to appreciate the vast knowledge available in libraries, book stores, the news media and online.


I support many charities and organizations that touch my heart. We receive back tenfold when we give time and energy to help our communities and our nation. I’m executive director of the Antley-Bixler Foundation and I’m also actively involved with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. You, too, can get involved by feeding the hungry, rescuing the needy, reaching abused and neglected kids, volunteering and donating.


A health scare prompted me to began a major re-evaluation of my life. I discovered what the medical industry isn’t telling us. What can YOU do to improve your health so your happier, more meaningful, more abundant life will last longer?


By facing the most fear-generating issues in life, you can move on Whether your concern is going to the dentist … being rejected by someone … trying something new or redefining something familiar … asking for help or giving it — ultimately any fear can be conquered.


Don’t hurt yourself with energy-zapping grudges and bitterness. Remember to find forgiveness, even if you can’t forget. I went from “Beer Girl to Business Woman.” I could have been a topless dancer or kept working at Wal-mart, but I knew there was something better for me. Let’s all look ahead at the new horizon to the Dawning of whatever tomorrow holds!