6 Reasons to Read Romance

May 28, 2020
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Few things are more fun or controversial than readingromance novels and stories.

Critics often diss romance as fluff, and your high school

English teacher probably never told you to grab the latestbodice ripper off the shelves and enjoy yourself (he or shewas probably reading them in secret, though).  So whyread romance?

  1. Read romance because you like it! We all have so manythings we have to do, why read books and stories we don’tlike simply because they’re on the New York Times Best

Seller list?

Settle back with your favorite romance novel and enjoy!

  1. The pure escape offered by reading romance novels andstories make them well worth any expense involved.

Daily life can bog us down and romance novels or storiesoffer us the chance to escape into a romantic adventurefor a while.

We come back to our lives refreshed and ready to tacklethat pile of dishes!

  1. Reading romance novels set in different locations andparts of the world give you the chance to learn, yes, learn,about new states and countries.

You can even go back in time with a historical romancenovel and learn, yep, about how people lived during othertime periods.

Why, you can even go into the future and find out whatliving–and romancing–may be like in a hundred, or evena thousand, years!

  1. Reading romance gives you the chance to becomesomeone else. Yes, when actively taking part in reading,you can become another person entirely.

You may well meet yourself on the page, but find an entirelynew way to approach a romance problem you’re having–sometimes you can even find the solution to a relationshipproblem.

If nothing else, you have the pure pleasure of not beingyourself while you’re reading.  You’re Lindsay in the novelwho’s dashing around all over London with a dashing countmadly pursuing you–not Linda with four loads of laundry to doand dinner plans to make.

  1. Romance stories and novels are a great way to take apeek into many kinds of love lives without having to askembarrassing questions or enduring conversations you’drather not have.

So reading a great romance story or romance novel hasthe distinct advantage of giving you information and ideasthat you can try out with your partner!

And it’s for sure, your partner will be grateful!

  1. Think of the fun you have when reading romance! Thatin itself is reason enough for indulging in a romance novelor romance story.

Fun!  These days, fun seems to have goneout of style.  Everyone’s so busy working and rushingaround like crazy that few people have enough fun.

So read romance for the sheer fun of it!  And if it happensto make bedtime more fun too, well, good for you!

You deserve it.

Now, go, grab that romance novel or click to a greatromance story, snuggle up in your favorite afghan andhave some fun!