When to Give Romance Cards

May 27, 2020
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Romance cards are no longer just for Valentine’s Day. Romance cards can be given to your loved one all year round. There are many occasions in which you might want to give someone a romance card. It may be the anniversary of when you met, a short term anniversary, or the anniversary of your first date. You can also give romance cards when you are sorry for something, and include it with flowers. Romance cards are also a great way to let someone know you are interested in romance.

There are many types of romance cards. Some are very sentimental, and include pictures of roses or other flowers, hearts, and fancy borders, and usually include a very heartfelt poem. Other romance cards are funny and romantic, and usually include a light-hearted poem or phrase with a funny cartoon drawing. Some romance cards are sexy in nature, and include pictures of sexy women, or a cartoon drawing, and a message that portrays what the person giving the card would like to happen.

Romance cards are also a great way to cheer up that special someone. It is proven that when someone is “down in the dumps,” receiving a romance card will lift their spirits. It makes us all happy to know that someone loves us, and getting a romance card will always cheer up even the loneliest of people. Romance cards can also be given anonymously, so that the receiver of the romance card doesn’t know who sent it. This gives a sense of mystery, and allows the person sending the romance card the ability to woo their secret love, well, secretly.

Another great time to send someone a romance card is during or just after a pregnancy. Many women do not feel sexy or loved during this time. They only feel tired, worn out, and fat, whether it is true or not. A romance card can lift the spirits of a new mother, and allow them to feel joyous in the new child and the extended family rather than focusing on the negative aspects of late night feedings and baggy clothing. Romance cards are especially important during this time, and all women should receive a romance card from their husband or significant other upon having a child, and periodically thereafter.

Birthdays are another great time to send someone a romance card. Not only does it let them know that you remembered their birthday, but it lets them know how much you love and care about them. A romance card is much better than a simple birthday card, because it expresses your true feelings about the person rather than just saying “Happy Birthday.”

Christmas and New Years are other times that you may want to send someone a romance card. Christmas cards are often informal and impersonal, but a romance card tells someone that the greatest Christmas gift you could receive, you already have in them and their love. New Years is another time that romance cards are well received. Starting the new year with expressing your love for someone through a romance card is a great way to keep that romance going throughout the year.

Really, there isn’t a bad time to give a romance card to that special someone. Whether it is a wife, husband, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a romantic interest, romance cards are the only way to go.