The Harlequin Romance Legacy

July 14, 2020
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When people think romance novel, the first thought that pops up may be ‘Harlequin Romance’. And why not? Harlequin romance novels have been around for decades and continue to be the leader in series romance in the world. Harlequin romance novels have definitely withstood the test of time, and are still going as strong today as they were in the 1960’s.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Harlequin romance continues to publish over one hundred titles of serial romance every month. This publisher’s books are printed in twenty-five different languages around the world and are written by over one thousand talented romance writers from around the world as well. Harlequin doesn’t just offer office romance any more, however, but psychological thrillers, mysteries and historical romance genres as well. Harlequin remains one of Canada’s most successful book publishers, with sales of over one hundred and thirty million books a year. Harlequin Romance offices make their presence known around the world as well, with offices scattered from Toronto to New York to Tokyo and Warsaw. Because of the worldwide reputation of Harlequin Romance publishers, writers for Harlequin are able to be globally marketed, a bonus for those fortunate enough to be signed on with the huge publishing company.

Harlequin romance offers something for just about every reading taste, and is generally a tamer romance than some found on book market shelves. Still, there are different imprints within the Harlequin publishing house that attract different age groups and types of readers, and guidelines provided to authors wishing to submit their romance fiction manuscripts must follow Harlequin guidelines to the letter if they hope to be published with the illustrious company. Harlequin romance books are also still one of the more affordable offerings out there in the romance reader market, making them popular by price range and content both. Harlequin has just about every age bracket tagged, from young adults to thirty-somethings to the over the hill-ers. Every Harlequin romance book that rolls off the presses offers a compelling read and great characters.

Women’s fiction has long made it to the top of the New York Times bestseller listings, and Harlequin is often seen at the top of that list. Harlequin Romance books publish works in a variety of imprints, including Silhouette, MIRA, LUNA, Red Dress Ink, and HQN books, among others. With over two billion Harlequin romance imprints shipped to buyers all over the globe, Harlequin can do just about anything it wants, and it wants to continue to be a leader in women’s fiction for years to come.

The Harlequin Romance website is an exciting, reader friendly neighborhood that keeps fans of Harlequin up to date on the latest signings, releases and attractions to come in the near future. Since the 1960’s, Harlequin romance books have settled in their place on library and bookstore shelves, and nothing seems able to knock them off. It’s a given that the Harlequin romance is here to stay. Short, fast reads appeal to today’s always-on-the-go-women and Harlequin offers them exactly what they’re looking for.