A Society of Yacht Lovers

July 2, 2020
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If you either have or find yourself developing a genuine fascination and love of not only yachts but the lifestyle of yachting, you are not alone.  When you begin either using your new yacht or regularly chartering a yacht for a weekend of luxury or a special vacation, it’s easy to fall in with a society of yacht owners where you can share your enjoyment of these very special boats and learn from each other as well.

Yacht clubs are one way that yacht owners and yacht lovers alike gather routinely to share their common interest in diverse settings.  Even if you are not a yacht owner yet yourself, it isn’t hard to get an invitation to yacht club meetings where your enthusiasm for yachting will only intensify.  One way that the knowledge about yachting spreads easily in almost a viral way at yacht club gatherings is that these societies commonly mix together those who enjoy luxury yachting on a motor yacht to those who love sailing to those who own yachts as big as cruise ships to those who are into yachting for the thrill of yacht racing.

In this way even if your addiction is to luxury yachting, by socializing with yacht racing enthusiasts, you can find yourself a guest at a yacht race and get the thrill of that lifestyle in your blood.  After viewing your yacht as a place to relax and cruise or sail the seas at a leisurely pace, to see yachts that are customized and trim and ready for high speed racing, you will see yachting an entirely different light.

Similarly if you are a speed yacht enthusiast, you may only see yachts the way race horse owners see their thoroughbred animals.  But when you “rub elbows” with those who know the joy and fun of luxury yachting, you will see their fascination with your lifestyle and be eager to share theirs with you as well.  So if you trade a couple tickets to the next big yacht race for a weekend on a luxury yacht, you will get a new appreciation for why those big lumbering yachts that are built for comfort, not for speed are so appealing.  For both the yacht racer and the lover of luxury yachting, this exposure may lead to yet another area of yachting that you may wish to own a part of as your next big yacht investment.

Yacht clubs are also good ways to learn about new destinations and theme yacht excursions that you may wish to try out the next time you are planning a yachting adventure. You may never have considered yachting around the British Isles and combining your love of the luxury of your yacht with an exciting vacation exploring historic sights and taking in some of the best culture in the world.  So as other yacht owners “brag” about their last great yacht adventure, you can be taking some notes and open up whole new ways you can keep your love of yachting fresh and new each year.

Meetings of the yacht club often are held on member yachts or in some location where the members can explore an aspect of yachting together.  One of the major boat and yacht shows and expos in town is a great place to hold a yacht club meeting because as much fun as it is to explore new yachts yourself, its so much more enjoyable to do so with other yacht lovers and to discuss and compare yachts with people who know them and love them like you do.

If you join a yacht club, you should fully expect and actually want to see other club members use the meetings to “show off” how great their yacht is.  Your fellow members will value your opinion and seeing you express admiration for their fine yacht and its excellent facilities.  And it won’t be long before it might be your turn to host the yacht club onboard your vessel where you can lay out the red carpet for an elite group to admire what you have done to build the dream yacht paradise for you and your family and friends.